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What Is a Bail Bond?

When a person is arrested, they are in jail until the set court date, unless the judge lets them go, or until bail is paid.  In those instances, bail bonds can be utilized.

What Are They?

A bail bond is in the same category as a surety bond which means that it is a legally binding contract that they are remaining accountable to the set agreement.  There are two types of Lancaster county bail bonds. First, a civil bail bond is used in civil cases, and the payment of the debt and any accruing interest is secure.  The second type is a criminal bail bond.  This type differs from a civil bail bond because it guarantees the defendant will show up for their court appearance.

How Do They Work?

A bail bond works because the judge sets the amount needed to bail out the defendant.  If payment cannot be made on their own, they can seek help by gaining a bail bond.  Upfront, the defendant will need to pay at least 10% of the amount their bail was set.  

The rest of the bail will then be secured, and collateral will be set.  If they do not have enough collateral, then family and friends are sought out for assistance.

Once that is all set, the rest is up to the offender entirely.  If they do not appear in court when they are set to be there, then the bail bond is relinquished, and they will be required to pay the remainder of the bail.  That is when the collateral used will be used until they pay the remaining balance. However, if the defendant does appear in court when they are expected to, then once the case is concluded, the bail bond is dissolved, and all they lose out on is the 10% they paid the bail bondsman.