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What Equipment Do You Need For Equestrian Jumping?

You need to start by building a first grid. It should be built in the center of the paddock and approached from two directions. This will help you improve turning and balance. The first fence should be below, and a placing pole can mark where you take off your horse. The grid distances should be smaller than the competition distances. This article will detail the necessary horse jump equipment for equestrian jumping.

Solid mouthpiece

When looking for a solid mouthpiece for equestrian jumping, consider the type of bit the horse has. Most bits are made of steel, iron, or aluminum, but some are made of copper, rubber, or metals. You can also purchase a bit with a copper or sweet iron mouthpiece, which is believed to relax the jaw and promote salivation. Ensure that the mouthpiece is the correct size for the horse’s teeth and gums before purchasing.

The Dr. Bristol mouthpiece is another option for equestrian jumping. Its center rings hold the tongue in place below the mouthpiece. The ring-shaped iron twist minimizes the contact between the tongue and the mouthpiece, which intensifies the pressure on the corners of the horse’s mouth when rein pressure is applied. In addition, adding an elevation bar to the mouthpiece allows more room between the mouthpiece and the horse’s tongue.

Stirrup leathers

You have plenty of options when it comes to stirrup leathers for equestrian jumpers. Single-layer stirrup leathers are an excellent option for those concerned with bulk under the thigh, and they’re often adjustable with a T bar. Wide stirrup leathers provide more stability for jumpers. Choose a color that matches your saddle, and consider colored accents. Some models even feature stitching.

The most popular stirrup leather is made from real leather, but they’re not the only type available. Stirrup leathers come with a liner or synthetic layer. Most riders choose genuine leather, but you can also find stirrups lined. The liner and saddle straps are adjustable on the bottom end of the stirrup iron, making them more comfortable.

Stirrup irons

The best stirrups for equestrian jumping should be durable and comfortable. Stirrups that come with stirrup irons are designed to withstand a fall without damaging the horse’s hooves or legs. You should clean them regularly, and consider buying a new pair every few months if you haven’t had a chance to use them yet.

Choose stirrup irons that fit your horse’s boot properly. Ideally, stirrups should fit your boot snugly but allow a space for your index finger to wiggle in. The space is critical for your safety and should be at least one inch on either side to avoid becoming trapped inside a stirrup during an accident. Also, you should choose a size that is appropriate for your shoe width. For example, very petite ladies should choose sizes four and a half inches wide, while taller ladies can opt for sizes four and a half inches in diameter.

Leg boots

Leg boots for equestrian jumping are essential safety equipment for horses. Landing on jumps puts tremendous pressure on the joints. These boots are designed with a thick lining and shock-absorbing material to cushion the impact and protect the horse’s tendons. They are comfortable to wear and allow the horse to feel the poles without rubbing. Besides protection, leg boots for equestrian jumping can also protect the horse’s feet during training.

Unlike other horse accessories, horse boots are made of linings that don’t breathe. Neoprene and other materials are not effective against fungus and bacteria growth. Bacteria can grow in these materials and transfer from horse to horse, resulting in an injury. After every workout, horse owners should also wash the boots to avoid fungus and bacteria growth. These boots are not necessary if a horse is only training on smooth surfaces.


Halters for equestrian jumping are valuable pieces of equestrian equipment that help you control your horse. The halters are made from different materials, including leather and nylon, and can be adjusted as necessary. You can also choose a halter with an adjustable leather crown piece for added security. Brass plated hardware and a snap closure throat latch are also great features. Horse halters have been used to lead a horse since horses were first domesticated. They are made of leather, nylon, or rope, but they all serve the same purpose. You can order a halter with padded pieces, nameplates, or both. Halters for equestrian jumping can be customized, as well, to fit the horse’s unique shape. You can also make them yourself if you wish.