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Tips for Living in Your Truck

Is rent exorbitant where you live? Think about finding a remote job and then living on the road for a couple of years to save money. You can live comfortably in a pickup truck with sufficient gear and the right frame of mind. Think of it as an adventure as you travel and have new experiences. Here are some tips for living in your pickup truck.

Join a Gym

By joining a nationwide chain, you can find a gym in virtually every good-sized city to not only work out but also take a shower. If you don’t want a gym membership, most trucker stops have a shower you can use for a reasonable fee.

Make Sure Your Engine is Running Smoothly

Take your pickup in for regular tune-ups and oil changes, and invest in an Airdog fuel pressure system to ensure your engine runs smoothly and efficiently. You’ll save money on gasoline and repair costs down the road.

Invest in a Foam Mattress and a Small Tent

You can buy a foam mattress at an affordable price online. Use that for your bed, but also buy a small tent for when you reach a place where you can camp. Having a small tent or even a larger one will provide you with extra space for your gear and make it feel like you have more living space than just your truck.

Camp on Public Land

The government owns millions of acres of public land that it allows citizens like you to camp on for free. Generally, you won’t be able to stay in one spot for more than two weeks, and you’re expected to clean up after yourself before you leave, but it’s a great way to live out of your truck in beautiful areas without paying for campsite fees.

Buy a Camper Stove and  Fridge

Eating out at fast-food restaurants can break your bank, so don’t. Invest in a camper stove and cook your own healthy meals. Store the fresh ingredients in a camper fridge. Neither the fridge nor the stove takes up much space, and the fridge can run off your car battery or off of a solar panel and a portable generator.

By following these tips, you can experience greater freedom than you’ve ever known and save money by living out of your truck. Life will become an adventure, and you’ll have a different scene in your backyard couple of weeks.