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How to Design a Beautiful Ice Cream Parlor in 5 Steps

An old-fashioned ice cream parlor is a fun place to enjoy a quick refreshment on a hot summer night or a tasty dessert any time of year. Not all parlors are created equally, though. Nevertheless, some of the best old-fashioned establishments offer a memorable experience that can’t be found in more modern parlors.

If you already have your parlor decor picked out, here are a few ideas for bringing your ice cream counter to the next level.

1. Hand-Painted Menu

Nothing says “vintage parlor” like a hand-painted menu. An extensive menu on the wall with each flavor painted in a pretty font can give your ice cream parlor a more personal feel.

2. Candy Section

Another fun thing you could add to your parlor is a specialty candy display. Of course, you want your ice cream to remain the top priority, but offering candy can help ensure you have something for everyone. Taffy, lollipops, and chocolate display cases can add a bit of variety to your space and even lead to a few impulse buys.

3. Homemade Waffle Cones

The scent of a waffle cone cooking behind the counter is one of the most delicious scents in an ice cream parlor. Passersby will be drawn in by the warm, vanilla scent, which will guarantee a few new customers.

4. An Organized Topping Bar

Customers like to see their choices, so a visible and organized topping bar can help make decisions easier. The colorful sprinkles, candies, and sauces that can go on top of a sundae are sure to convince your customers to add a few extras to their treats.

5. Other Things to Consider

Exclusive Menu Items

The menu items that keep bringing customers back to your parlor are the dishes that can’t be found anywhere else. A banana split with a twist, Belgian waffles and ice cream, or frozen coffee drinks are all great options to add to your menu to guarantee repeat customers.

Pretty Dishware

For in-house dining, pretty dishes and flatware can really bring your parlor to the next level. So whether you choose a dish that’s sleek to show off your desserts or classic fluted sundae bowls, the right dishware can be the perfect finishing touch.

From cones to sundaes to freshly-made waffles, you can craft a menu that offers something for everyone. Adding in the ambiance of a quaint, old-fashioned parlor will add that extra dash of fun to your customers’ experiences.