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Everything you need to know about Glock 17

Let’s learn how to customize the Glock 17’s grip with stippling and textured surfaces. There are several reasons to customize your Glock. 

Magazine capacity

The glock 17 magazine capacity is 19 rounds. Fortunately, there are several options available to increase the capacity of your gun’s magazine. One option is to purchase an extended capacity magazine base, which can hold up to 33 rounds of 9×19 ammunition. It will give you more capacity than the standard Glock 17 magazine and allow you to use other 9×19 Glock models. In addition, the extended base plate is designed to allow for two butirs, which adds round to the magazine capacity.

Safety system

The Glock 17 safety system is comprised of two distinct parts. First, the trigger safety prevents the firing pin from moving forward by engaging the rear part of the trigger bar. This safety also prevents the pistol from firing if it is accidentally dropped or mishandled. It works by depressing a spring-loaded lever that rotates flush with the trigger face. The other part of the safety system is the firing pin safety, composed of a spring-loaded plunger. This safety prevents the firing pin from moving forward and striking the cartridge’s primer when you pull back on the trigger.

The trigger is also relatively good on the Glock 17; it has a bit of slack during the initial trigger press but settles to 5 1/2 pounds after the initial resistance. Once the trigger is released, it resets with a physical and audible click. This trigger pull is satisfactory for concealed carry or duty use. If you are a competitive shooter, you can install a trigger pull reduction device to reduce the trigger pull’s weight significantly.

Magazine disassembly

To disassemble your Glock 17 magazine, you need the proper tool to do it. The floorplate screws should be positioned as close to the floorplate as possible, and you should be able to loosen them just enough to pull off the floorplate without damaging the magazine. You can remove the floorplate using the right tool and then install the base plate. The floorplate screws are easy to remove, and you should be able to disassemble your magazine in just a few minutes easily.

To clean the Glock 17 magazine, first, disassemble the magazine and use a damp cloth to wipe down the spring and follower. If you are using oil, use Original Gun Oil. Original Gun Oil is safe for polymer guns so that it can be used on the magazine’s polymer components. Then, push the damp cloth through the magazine tube. Next, wipe the spring plate and follower with a clean cloth to clean the rest of the magazine.


The Glock 17 is the oldest of the Glock pistols. Its recoil is among the highest of all Glock pistols. Glock gathered a team of firearm experts to create this pistol. It won the pistol trials of the Austrian Army. It is also an excellent choice for a new optics-ready pistol owner. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of the Glock 17 recoil.

The DPM Glock 17 Gen 3 recoil spring system features a triple-spring rod design, with a third spring controlling slide movement. The longer spring provides heavier slide travel, while the shorter one offers more locking power. While the DPM Glock 17 recoil spring system may require some fitting, the pistol remains identical in overall configuration. So if you find that your pistol’s recoil spring needs a replacement, you’ve come to the right place.


If you are considering buying a new sight for your Glock 17, you should research the options available. This research is useful if you plan to purchase a gun online or from a retail store. It will help you determine the right place to buy the sight and also which one is the most trustworthy. Usually, the best options are found at online stores with a huge following. These shops are known for their reliable and diverse products.

A Glock sight comes in different styles, each with its pros and cons. Some shooters prefer the three-dot sight because it allows for the easiest sight alignment. However, those who use the gun in high-stress situations will probably want to choose a sight with a higher number of dots. This type of sight is also easy to use and doesn’t add too much to the grip size. Lastly, a Glock has an integrated laser sight.