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3 Changes with a Big Impact on Your Grocery Store

Grocery stores often look to attract regular customers who will return year after year. While it’s good to keep some things consistent for regulars, it’s important to change with the times and perform consistent updates to keep the store looking nice and feeling easy to navigate. From getting regulars to return to converting first-time shoppers into regulars, periodic updates can help grocery stores keep up with trends and customers. Here are some things to think about when making updates.

1. How Easy Is The Store To Use?

Every so often, grocery store owners can benefit from walking through their own stores and looking at them from the eyes of customers. Keeping the customer experience easy and convenient is important for retaining customers for years to come. Carts, for example, are a key in the grocery store experience. A customer often has a cart from the time they enter the store to the time they leave. If your cart wheels are squeaky or roll away on their own, consider adding swivel casters with lock to your carts. Small improvements like this can greatly benefit customers.

2. How Does The Store Look?

The outside of your store is the first thing customers will see. The inside of the store is what customers have to look at while shopping. How well do you present yourself? Make sure paint is updated occasionally and cleaning is done often. In addition, make sure your lighting is bright and inviting, especially when illuminating signage.

3. How Do Customers Find Products?

Make sure your products are obvious in the location they’re currently in. If items are squished together or hidden behind other items, they can be easy to miss. Instead, look for large, open shelving units with plenty of space to make your store feel brand new. If you want to make bigger changes, consider laying out your store differently. A map of current foot traffic, hot spots and underused areas can suggest where changes are best. Planning your layout before starting to rearrange can make sure you’re making the right changes for your customer base.

Whether you want to attract new regulars or keep the ones you have, making changes to your store over time can go a long way in keeping the shopping experience fresh and enjoyable. Make sure your customers feel welcome and happy in your store, and their satisfaction can pay dividends for you down the road.